To act before it would be too late

Dakar Appeal

  To scientists, states, and people of the planet.

We, signatories, call for the establishment of a project, financed with 2% of global GDP, or 1200 billion euros annually.

Climate, biosphere, oceans …, the Earth system enters an unknown era. The living conditions of all humans and other animals are threatened. In the long run, the very survival of the human species is posed. The stakes are global. It requires ownership and mobilization of all nations, populations and sectors of activity.

A major contribution of research – including the humanities and social sciences – is essential for this transition. .

The United Nations must set up an agency, with the financial means and the binding legal instruments, in charge of international transition program, including international research projects of exceptional magnitude.

 It is urgent to move to an exceptional level of financial investment by the States, modulated on the principles of cooperation and solidarity – of the order of 1,200 billion euros, or 2% of global GDP – to mobilize in these projects the scientific forces of all the countries.

In the twenty-first century, the preservation of the earth system and the world of goods, the sustainable well-being and the fulfillment of all human beings, constituting the objective and the compass to guide the scientific community, and beyond , the whole of the human community.

Scientists from all countries are called to commit themselves to these cooperations and to the achievement of these goals and to the development of a powerful international movement to reach them.

… signers ……

World Federation of Scientific Workers (FMTS)

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