Alger 2012. by Elies Molins read more →

Alger 2012. Development, Testing and Utilization of Weaponry of Advanced Technology and their Consequences for the Stability of the World An Appeal to Scientific Worker’s Social Responsibility read more →

Algier 2012-Rio June 2012 – official summit (Rio +20 Earth Summit) and anti-globalization “Peoples Summit”. read more →

Working Paper by, J. P. Bazin, WFSW, March 2010 read more →

Reflections: Interface “Machines-men” and management Jean GAY – June, 2009 Interface “Men Machines”, reliability and management read more →

16 Apr 2010
April 16, 2010

Energy, Climate, and Social Needs

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Frederico Carvalho, Vice president of the Executive council of WFSW Prediction is very difficult, especially if it’s about the future. read more →

Our responsability for constructing world peace, By Dr Seiji Yuasa, Vice president of the WFSW read more →

António Armando da Costa, Department of Physics & Astronomy, Kelvin Building (Room 532), Glasgow University, Glasgow G12 8QQ, Scotland, UK read more →

07 Feb 2009
February 7, 2009

World Forum Science and Democracy

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Belem, 2009, January 26,27 What do we want? By André Jaeglé , President of the WFSW. Contribution to the World Forum Science and Democracy, Belem, Brasil read more →

20 Jun 2008
June 20, 2008

Science and democracy

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Lecture given in the Mexico conference, final session in UNAM,  “Science and democracy, The dialog between scientists and citizens” J.P. Lainé, INES lecture, Mexico, 3-3-2008 . read more →