Russian scientists have recently experienced growing difficulties in obtaining visas to the countries of the European Community and at a dramatic level for the United States of America. These difficulties, caused by the diplomatic tensions between these countries with the Russian Federation, are sometimes more important than during Cold War. The World Federation of Scientific.. read more →

To act before it would be too late Dakar Appeal   To scientists, states, and people of the planet. We, signatories, call for the establishment of a project, financed with 2% of global GDP, or 1200 billion euros annually. Climate, biosphere, oceans …, the Earth system enters an unknown era. The living conditions of all humans.. read more →

Call for a worldwide campaign and a World Day on October 10, 2018 Many organizations of scientists in the world are mobilizing against the increase in precariousness and the decline in the quality of scientific and technical research. A number of them participated in several forms in the first World Day against precariousness organized on.. read more →

Appeal for an international mobilisation Facing neoliberal globalisation attacks, an engaged university community Within days of his inauguration, Donald Trump announced his intention to exert control over federally funded research programs and to curb external communications about research conducted in leading federal agencies such as the Environment Protection agency (EPA). The first executive orders followed.. read more →

In order to achieve the Sustainable Development Goal n°4 of UN, the condition to be fulfilled is to develop quality education, based on production and dissemination of a sound and reliable scientific knowledge. This knowledge must be accessible to everyone, in order to contribute to raise the level of cultural literacy and develop the critical.. read more →

13 Dec 2017
December 13, 2017

A good news from UNESCO

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The 39th General Conference, in its session of November 10, 2017 has just adopted a new recommendation on science and scientific researchers. Unesco.RecommendationScienceResarchers.2017.Provisional read more →

The 22nd General Assembly of the World Federation of Scientific Workers met in Dakar on December 8th, 2017. It agreed to call upon governments, the world scientific community and all the inhabitants of our planet facing a serious environmental crisis, in order to launch an exceptional research project to an amount of about 1200 billion.. read more →

06 Dec 2017
December 6, 2017

Ban Nuclear Weapons

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The World Federation of Scientific Workers hails the signature by 122 countries, on July 7th, 2017, of the Nuclear Weapons Ban Treaty. This treaty reinforces the Non-Proliferation Treaty of July 1st, 1968, whose article 6 stipulates that “Each of the Parties to the Treaty undertakes to pursue negotiations in good faith on effective measures relating.. read more →

Speech delivered by Professor Bonaventure MVE-ONDO at the symposium: Science and Sustainable Development for Africa and Africa. Mr. President of the World Federation of Scientific Workers Mr. Secretary General of the Autonomous Union of Higher Learning Mr. Secretary General of the Unitary and Democratic Union of Teachers of Senegal Mr. Minister of Higher Learning Mr… read more →

By Dr Jean-Paul Lainé, Président Dear colleagues, delegates of affiliated organizations, candidates to affiliation and friendly organizations. I . Introduction First of all I would like to thank all of the political and academic authorities who honor us by hosting this 22nd General Assembly on as well as our other activities of the week, in particular.. read more →