An overview of some major problems the young scientists are facing read more →

07 Feb 2009
February 7, 2009

World Forum Science and Democracy

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Belem, 2009, January 26,27 What do we want? By André Jaeglé , President of the WFSW. Contribution to the World Forum Science and Democracy, Belem, Brasil read more →

“Another science, other technologies are possible: Meeting the challenges” read more →

20 Jun 2008
June 20, 2008

Science and democracy

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Lecture given in the Mexico conference, final session in UNAM,  “Science and democracy, The dialog between scientists and citizens” J.P. Lainé, INES lecture, Mexico, 3-3-2008 . read more →

by Seiji Yuasa Vice-president of the World Federation of Scientific Workers, Member of the Japan Scientific Asociation. read more →

31 May 2007
May 31, 2007

South-Europe Policy in science

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By Elies Molins, Physicist, President of API-CSIC (Asociación de Personal Investigador del Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas). read more →

Introduction The term science has several meanings. We will not deal here with the wealth of facts and theories that constitute the present state of scientific knowledge. The conference is about science viewed as the role and directions assigned by society to scientific research, be it basic or applied, and as the use of results.. read more →

Appeal to the scientific community world-wide, on the occasion of the World Conference on Science Budapest, 26th June – 1st July 1999   The concept of globalisation has pervaded all aspects of economic and social life, including scientific life. It has now become impossible for scientific researchers and workers to remain the idle audience of.. read more →

Statement of WFSW  – April 1981 read more →

Recommendation on the status of scientific researchers read more →