15 May 2015
May 15, 2015

On the climate coalition 21

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After discussing the challenges linked to the climate urgency concerning mankind and the planet, the WFSW urges dissemination and support for the proposals that it will put forward at the “CLIMATE 21 COALITION” (an international movement of citizens created in order to weigh upon the decisions of the COP 21) of which it is a member, in order that:
1) binding decisions for states be taken for a significant reduction in greenhouse gas emissions and that a moratorium for this reduction be established.
2) the energy transition for the development of renewable energies in the world be launched without delay. For this purpose the necessary funding must be provided by a deduction from financial transactions, tax havens and part of military budgets.
3) fulfill as of now the promise made to poor countries and developing countries to finance their adaptation to climate change to the tune of 100 billion dollars (*).

(*) In 2009 the developed countries committed themselves to mobilizing 100 billion dollars per year from now until 2020 to support efforts toward adaptation and reduction in developing countries. At the Cancún Conference of 2010 on the climate (COP16) the states adopted a text setting up a series of financial mechanisms for the purpose of financing this fund.-

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