Communiqué by the International Secretariat of the WFSW


At its meeting on November 6, 2023, the International Secretariat of the World Federation of Scientific Workers (an international organization representing scientific workers, whose mission is to work in particular for PEACE and COOPERATION) discussed the dramatic situation that the civilian populations of the Middle East have been living through for the past month, in full view of the international community.
It is not possible to turn a blind eye. As of today, despite the thousands of calls for a ceasefire and the millions of protesting voices around the world, the machine of destruction and killing is still in motion, affecting civilians in particular. The destruction of entire neighborhoods, hospitals, water reservoirs, schools, universities, etc., as well as the drastic restrictions on supplies leading to a veritable humanitarian catastrophe, are veritable war crimes perpetrated by the Israeli government in the Gaza Strip.

The International Secretariat of the WFSW, having reaffirmed the firm positions of our Federation against the current war, as against all wars, and considered the extreme urgency of the situation:

Renews its call for an immediate end to this war and for the restoration of all essential supplies to the population of the Gaza Strip, and calls for more effective international pressure to force the Israel government to stop the war.
Condemns the criminal acts committed with the utmost cowardice against children, women, the elderly, the sick and civilian populations in general, all this since October 7 and the terrorist acts of Hamas;
Considers that the crisis in the Middle East, which has seen so many wars, like all human conflicts, cannot be resolved by arms;
Recalls the preeminent role of the UN, considering that this conflict, whose main victims are the civilian populations, and in particular the Palestinian populations in the West Bank and Gaza, has been the subject of several UN resolutions which have remained unresolved, and which should form the basis for all negotiations.

Paris, november 6th, 2023