Resolution on nuclear disarmament and peace

Whereas the Executive Council of WFSW urgently seeks a global agreement to free the world from nuclear arms, and other lethal conventional and non-conventional weapons, and to free humanity from the threat of annihilation;

And, whereas a number of specific proposals have been made to further the goal of eventually abolishing nuclear weapons in their entirety;

The WFSW welcomes the START ll treaty between the United States of America and the Russian Federation;

The WFSW further welcomes peace initiatives taken by several heads of state, particularly President Obama, including measures involving the arms reduction and nuclear threat, and emphasizes the importance of the proposals in five points of the UN Secretary-General Ban Ki Moon for Nuclear Disarmament;

Whereas Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) has now 188 signatures and only 149 ratifications, but only 39 have presented their instrument of ratification. Four countries are missing, India, Israel, Pakistan, and the United States;

The WFSW further endorses its Executive Council member, Prof. Seiji Yuasa of Japan’s call to support global grassroots movements towards a great success of the NPT Review;

The WFSW Executive Council asks for the strengthening of the NPT .The NPT must be signed, ratified and promulgated by all Member States of the United Nations;

The WFSW reaffirms the right of all countries, including Iran, to have a peaceful nuclear industry;

The WFSW recalls that all NPT signatories are committed and must comply with the controls of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA);

The WFSW appeal to move toward to deep reform of international institutions, restore real power to the UN by changing the rules of the right to veto and representation, to make the IAEA independent, and give it the financial resources and the a priori powers of control that it obviously needs;

The WFSW Executive Council mandates the chairman of the International Commission on Disarmament, Security & Peace (ICD), and the membership thereof, to seek a cooperative and collaborative relationship with the United Nations Disarmament Division, the Economic and Social Council(ECOSOC), and other international and inter-governmental organizations dedicated to the goal of disarmament, and,

The WFSW mandates the ICD to disseminate its disarmament activities as widely as possible within its resources.

Paris, on 16th April 2010