Roadmap 23rd General Assembly Marrakech 2022

Proposal from the four workshops

1. Research conditions: organization of a videoconference in October 2022 to continue the discussions initiated in the workshop held on May 11 in Marrakech, in order to define lines of work and initiate initiatives during the new mandate of the WFSW. Organize the sharing of experiences from each member country. Integrate young researchers,

2. Energy, Climate, Environment: continue the work carried out and extend it to the SDGs, river waters, access to drinking water and the oceans (in particular the exploitation of the seabed), in connection with UNESCO,

3. Research Fund for Africa: the campaign for a fund dedicated to research in Africa will be based on an African axis and an international axis. The African axis will help to develop and organize the affiliates of the federation of the African continent, and will be directed towards governments and regional and sub-regional intergovernmental structures. The international axis will be oriented in particular towards UNESCO, towards NGOs and international trade union structures.

4. Disarmament / peace:

  1. Preparation of the Marrakech call (launch and dissemination),
    1. Statement on weapons of mass destruction and new forms of warfare. The objective is to produce documents that can be used by a variety of audiences,
    2.  Drafting of a document on the role and reform of the United Nations and other international institutions (World Bank, International Criminal Court, etc.).

The members of the Executive Council, as well as the resources of the member organizations, will be solicited to contribute to these different lines of work.

Organization proposals

  1. Establishment of a group on communication which will stimulate reflection on and implementation of:
    1. The development of internal communication, in particular between the members of the executive board and the promotion of more efficient forms of work,
    2. The strengthening of external communication, in order to ensure better visibility of the WFSW and a wider dissemination of its work.
    3. Feeding the website and putting texts online, aimed at scientists, decision-makers and a varied public. The documents must be based on scientific references,
    4. Be more open to social networks,
  1. Establishment of a logistics group: material organization of work sessions, congresses, etc.
  2. Expand the UNESCO group. Participate in particular in monitoring the implementation of the two recent UNESCO recommendations on open science and the ethics of artificial intelligence,
  3. Get closer to NGOs, international trade union federations and scientific organizations working in the fields of the environment, peace, education, etc.: joint campaigns, ongoing dialogue, mutual transmission of knowledge and skills,
  4. Work with inter-governmental structures, in particular the African Union,
  5. Continue and intensify contacts, aimed at expanding the WFSW,
  6. Call for researchers and politicians to anticipate and deal with the occurrence of new pandemics and the related economic crises.