Mobilization for the climate of September 20th, 2019

Another Research is possible: the stake is vital for humanity

The World Federation of Scientific Workers (WFSW) supports the global climate strike on 20 September 2019, and all mobilizations from 20 to 27 September, including “to call for the end of the fossil fuel era and the climate justice for all. “: Https://

Global warming and the destabilization of the Earth system are causing more and more frequent and devastating disasters today: hurricanes, floods, fires, disappearance of species, etc. A profound transformation of lifestyles, production and consumption is more urgent than ever. Mobilization at the level of everyone and at the global level is essential.

Higher education and research have a major contribution to make. This contribution requires policies based on cooperation, the opposite of widespread competition and commodification that have been developing for more than twenty years.

The WFSW condemns the lack of resources allocated to research in key areas to cope with climate change and the destabilization of the Earth system. This is true of research on renewable energies. The latter, like many other research sectors, is also subject to a fragmented and competitive focus and organization, constrained by the demands of market innovation and financial profits. As a consequence, research is slowed down and does not primarily aim at reducing the deleterious effects of the energy system on the climate, the Earth system and the health plan.

The WFSW calls for the establishment of an exceptional global research and development plan (Dakar Call and Support Petition*), based on international cooperation, to ensure that science and technology bring their indispensable and urgent contribution to the ecological and social transition.

Paris, September 16, the International Secretariat

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