To the ECSTA III Participants

The 3rd International Symposium on Exchange and Cooperation of Science and Technology in Asia was held on November 2005 and prepared by the Japan Scientist Association

 » In the name of the Executive Council of the World Federation of Scientific Workers, I send you my cordial greetings on the occasion of the Third International Symposium on Exchange and Co-operation of Science and Technology in Asia. We are sure that this event will be very successful.

Asia takes an increasingly important position in the world-wide economy. Scientists of the entire world have a great responsibility to make sure that the modern development of societies is also a sustainable development. Thanks to their knowledge and researches, scientists have the means to warn nations and governments of the dangers that threaten our planet. But scientists are citizens as well. Therefore their duty is also to influence by their actions policies that increase those dangers, including attacks on academic freedom and freedom of research.

This has been the WFSW aim since its establishment in 1946. It is also the aim of the Japan Scientists Association since its establishment, whose 40th anniversary is celebrated to-day.

We are proud of your action. With dignity you represent the ideals of the WFSW in Asia. We are convinced that ESCTA III will offer new possibilities of developing consequent efforts in favor of the achievement of a sustainable society in a world of peace, free of all nuclear and other weapons of mass destruction. »

The President of the WFSW