The Situation of Students and Young Researchers

By André Levy, President of ABIC, the Portuguese Association of Young Researchers, and Frederico Carvalho, Vice-President of the Executive Council of the WFSW and President of OTC, the Portuguese Organisation of Scientific Workers,

In our days there are clear signs that Humankind is at the crossroads. Global challenges of a pressing nature have to be faced in ways that engage society as a whole —rich and poor alike, whether geographically separated or living in one and the same country. Finding those ways is largely dependent on the construction of a knowledge based society — an end to which science shall necessarily give an essential contribution. Quoting the EU Commission Recommendation of March 2005 “(…) well developed human resources in R&D are the cornerstone of advancement in scientific knowledge (…)”. Do we have the necessary resources and what shall be done to procure them? … the entire text.

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