Establishment of working environment for scientific workers


The Japan Scientists’ Association (JSA)

Chasu Bldg. 9F, 9-15 Yushima 1-chome, Tokyo 113-0034, Japan

The development of science and technology is primarily necessary for constructing world peace. But, the research condition encompassing scientific workers is far behind our expectation. The straggle must therefore be required to establish an ideal environment for scientific workers. In Japan, all the working systems are exposed to so-called market-economy basing on neo-liberalism, and workers have rapidly been loosing their permanent jobs, for which temporary ones have been substituted.

The reason is because the design of business circle has completely changed the society. Namely, the syndicate of enterprises took over the government so that they can freely control not only politics and economy, but also governmental system whatever they want (≒state monopoly); e.g. (1) military partnership of the US’s globalization, (2) allocation of budget (decrease of welfare and education, but increase of military relations and support for enterprises), and. (3) direction of science and technological development. Without our struggle against the enterprises’ policy, any workers’ condition can not be improved. Furthermore, the evidence that some 93 per cent of Japanese workers including researchers belongs to enterprises, means that the origin for establishing workers’ condition exists there.

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